Chapter Three

Sarah's Note

Sarah started to change — to drift, mentally, physically — right around when she went to college. We wouldn’t hear from her for weeks, then months. She left school — she said she needed space to grow, and we agreed to give it to her. We got an email saying she was in California (she kept mentioning the palm trees), and then, just a few weeks later she tagged us in this picture on Facebook with the caption “in Japan for the Olympics.” In a moment of confusion we googled Tokyo Olympics, but of course we were right — 1964. It was 2010.


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10 Responses to Chapter Three

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  2. Beth says:

    We jumped in our car and raced to local library. We grabbed all the books we could find about the Tokyo Olympics and started to read.

  3. connie says:

    After poring over the books and finding no clues, we sat back to reconsider the situation. Had Sarah stopped taking her medication and this was causing a break from reality? We had to find out, and find out fast. We logged on to facebook and looked to see what comments, if any, her friends were making about her bizarre declaration about the Japanese Olympics. A comment from her BFF Tiffany echoed our sentiments exactly. “Hey Sarah” she wrote, “WTF?”

  4. Angel Spirit Girl says:

    “Has she discovered the secret of time travel?” I asked myself. What if it were true? What was she up to? Would I have enough money to buy manga while I was looking for her in Japan?

  5. Aking Mongza says:

    Henry, my uncle, walked in and saw me daydreaming. “Something wrong?” he asked, “you seem to be enjoying an out-of-the-body experience.”
    An idea struck just then–Henry was a computer wizard, and he might be able to tell whether Sara actually was in Japan. “Hay, Henry, can you tell where a person is by tracking the location from where she is updating Facebook?”

  6. Mike says:

    I logged back into Facebook. I thought that maybe the picture would give us some clues. This time, I carefully scrutinized the picture. I let out an audible gasp when I spotted it. In the background of the picture was a billboard. It was barely visible, but it was definitely there – the rising sun – the five gold rings – Tokyo 1964!

  7. Kathleen says:

    I knew she’s started to drift, but would she really go this far? Find the picture, photo-shop herself into it, just to try to make us all believe in her fantasy world? What had happened to the Sarah we used to know?

  8. San says:

    Of course not! She is still our Sarah, daring and bright, she has traveled in time! How could we think such horrible things? She of all people would be the first to travel in time, but why Tokyo? And how did she use Facebook in 1964?

  9. Mowler says:

    After doing some research, we learned that the 1964 Tokyo Games were the first to be televised internationally. We wondered if video of the events might contain some clue as to Sarah’s intentions and concerns. Maybe, we mused, this reference amounted to some sort of code. We were intrigued, but worried–why wouldn’t Sarah be able to talk openly? And what was she trying to tell us? Our friend Bob, an autodidact and eccentric, set to work on the puzzle. But soon he began to spend less time on the supposed “code” and more on the possibility that Sarah’s claim was somehow true. Even if it was, we said, it made sense to look for a code of sorts, a way to make sense of Sarah’s behavior.

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