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Narrative Voice is the central hub of a wide-ranging story taking place online. Please join in here in the comments here, or follow the links to join in elsewhere.

Chapter Three

Sarah started to change — to drift, mentally, physically — right around when she went to college. We wouldn’t hear from her for weeks, then months. She left school — she said she needed space to grow, and we agreed … Continue reading

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Chapter Two

Chapter Two lives here: Kate Dewitt Later that night, Marie couldn’t really focus on the party. She kept thinking about Sarah. It had been so strange to run into her in California after all these years, and after she’d left … Continue reading

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The Story Begins

This is a transcript of Chapter One, which lives here: Kate Dewitt Even from this grimy room, she could see palm trees. That was what she loved about California. Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 8:54pm Yanexi Salcines She looked at … Continue reading

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